Disqualified Djokovic must embrace ‘bad guy’ role, says McEnroe


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Carreño Busta said later at a news conference done via video conference because of social-distancing rules at the U.S. Open, the first Grand Slam tournament staged amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, he would also lose all the points that he earned during the tournament. Code violations usually involve things such as unsportsmanlike conduct, stalling, abuse of equipment or officials, coaching or use of foul language.

Defaults in tennis are quite rare, but they have happened before in major tournaments.

"Here are my thoughts on the Novak Djokovic default". After losing a point, Nalbandian angrily kicked a nearby advertising board, hitting the linesperson sat behind it in the right leg.

Former British No.1 Greg Rusedski described the disqualification as "unbelievable" but said officials had made the "correct decision". "There's no past Grand Slam champions left in the draw", Zverev said.

Ramos said in the aftermath of the incredible controversy that he was in fact simply applying the rule book.

Could Djokovic appeal the decision?

Does Djokovic's default come with other punishments?

Djokovic, who was clearly making the point that he had not meant to hit the official, was overheard saying "she doesn't have to go to hospital for this" but after 12 minutes of pleading his case his fate was sealed. As the U.S. Tennis Association explained, "intentionally hitting a ball dangerously or recklessly within the court or hitting a ball with negligent disregard of the consequences" is right there in the rulebook.

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And McEnroe admitted he wished there could have been some other solution that would have enabled Djokovic to avoid being defaulted for the incident.

While live tennis action was a welcome sight during the COVID-19 shutdown, scenes of packed stands, players hugging and posing for pictures and dancing shirtless at a club were jarring despite the event not breaking any local health protocols.

Djokovic joins John McEnroe, Jeff Tarango, Carsten Arriens, Serena Williams, and many more on the list of Tennis stars who have been disqualified from various tournaments due to on-field misconduct.

Does a player need to cause bodily harm to be defaulted?

Chair umpire Aurelie Tourte then announced that Djokovic had been default and the match was over.

"In all cases of default, the decision of the Referee in consultation with the Grand Slam Chief of Supervisors shall be final and unappealable".

He had won the Australian Open in January and was unbeaten on the tour this year.

Novak Djokovic tried to talk his way out of disqualification at the US Open by claiming he hit the line judge with a ball by accident, the tournament referee has revealed.

"And everyone on court was aware of what's at stake". Friemel said that even if Djokovic didn't intend to hurt the line judge, she was hurt, and that was enough to merit the ruling. On ESPN's telecast, Djokovic was seen looking at the injured woman in horror and regret, clearly distraught over what he had done.