Blake Family Holds Community Event During Trump Visit To Kenosha


"Where is the president?" "We need justice and relief for our community". Because what we want to do is we've got to heal. "Not whipping up fear and division - not inciting violence in our streets". At the Justice for Jacob cookout, Rev. Jesse Jackson counseled against protests and demonstrations, arguing that doing so while the president was in town would provide a "commercial for Trump's vision".

Mr Biden's campaign has said the candidate would go to Wisconsin soon but has not disclosed details. It will highlight their vastly different arguments, with Trump steering debate toward law and order and Biden pushing a broad referendum on Trumps competence. It's getting more and more. But to engage in violence: "Burning, looting, unrest in the name of protesting is wrong and people should be held accountable", Biden said.

On Wednesday, Biden told reporters that the officer who shot Blake, Rusten Sheskey, "needs to be charged" while also calling for charges in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment in March.

"It is saddening to me that people don't understand the type of pressure this family is under and what the rest of the family is dealing with", Jacob Blake Sr.

He called for the officer who shot Jacob, Rusten Sheskey, to be fired and indicted for murder. They see what's going on and they can't believe this is taking place in our country. The president, he said, "keeps throwing gasoline on the fire" and "encouraging people to retreat to their corners".

The president also pledged $1 million (Rs 7.36 crore) in federal support to Kenosha's law enforcement.

Mr. Trump said it looked like the 17-year-old from IL was acting in self-defense after he made the trek to Kenosha armed and with the intent to protect the streets from rioters. He is now in custody. He emerged saying Trump's inaction on school aid has left a haphazard response nationally. "Biden will make a local stop".

Meanwhile, 78 percent said they were "very" or "somewhat" concerned about the coronavirus, and 30 percent said the economy and jobs were their top priority for the country.

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Opinion polls show Mr Trump is narrowing Democratic rival Joe Biden's lead ahead of November's election.

The ad, which has English and Spanish language versions, is running on national cable networks and in local markets across Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

"Violence will not bring change". Biden appeared to blame Trump supporters in Portland for "someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet, killed". "Joe Biden takes a knee", one ad says.

The Biden campaign late Tuesday released a minute-long ad that includes clips of Mr. Biden's speech in Pittsburgh this week in which he denounced Mr. Trump as a bystander president and condemned the recent violence.

Police officers moved in quickly and pulled him away.

"How could they not be feeding on violence when the man in the White House is steady drumming it up?"

Mr Trump blamed those in charge of Kenosha and Wisconsin and gave warnings of what would happen under a Democratic government.

It will be Biden's first visit to Wisconsin in almost two years. Hillary Clinton did not campaign in the state after she lost the primary in 2016, one of the reasons often cited for Trump's narrow victory.