Apple files countersuit against Fortnite developers


The decision to pull support for Sign In With Apple is the latest move in an increasingly messy dispute between Apple and Epic Games.

The rules also clarify in Section 2.3.1 that games can not include hidden, dormant, or undocumented features and that the functionality must be clear to users and App Review, an addition clearly prompted by Apple's recent dispute with Epic Games. Section 4.9.2 further clarifies that game streaming services can provide a catalog app to assist users with signup and finding games if they comply with app review guidelines including using In-App Purchases to pay for subscriptions and Sign In with Apple.

Sign in with Apple is a feature that allows Apple device users to sign in to accounts and services using their Apple ID, with that info obscured from the website or service for privacy purposes.

Other rule changes include allowing one-on-one virtual classes to be paid for outside of Apple's payment system, though classes taught to a group still must use Apple's system and pay its fees. If you used "Sign In with Apple", please make sure your email and password are up to date.

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Just when you thought things couldn't heat up anymore in Epic's battle against Apple's alleged App Store dominance, the iPhone maker has now filed a countersuit against the Fortnite developer, seeking damages as a result of its breach of the developer agreement between the two companies.

The popular video game Fortnite by Epic Games is pictured on a screen in this picture illustration August 14, 2020.

Apple will allow game streaming apps like Xbox Game Pass to offer a catalog app on the App Store, but the objective of this is to let customers sign-up for the service so that Apple gets its 30 percent vig, of course. It also means that developers are going to have to balance the in-app purchases cut for Apple with whatever deals they have worked out with the streaming platforms. The worst part is that gamers will not be able to play Fortnite on iOS even if they have it already installed. Apple has caved on cloud gaming today - a little.