Amazon launches Luna cloud gaming service


And it could quickly become a major player.

The announcement comes amid renewed attention on the gaming industry as the spread of the coronavirus has led to a surge in consumer demand for games as a means of home entertainment. Ultimately, it could be a very good thing.

Rather than jumping in with a stated intention to own the industry, Amazon's starting small.

As of right now there is no dedicated or exhaustive list of games that will appear on the service, but we are able to see what Amazon is teasing via their Luna site. That lets it work out bugs without ruining a highly anticipated title.

What platforms is Amazon Luna available on?

With this entrance, now Google, Microsoft and Amazon are each competing to define a new gaming platform.

Amazon says they will be launching with more than 50 games in the Luna+ app, including at least one Sonic title and Remedy Entertainment's Control. It also could ensure a wider catalog of games than Stadia.

Of course, Amazon Luna will feature Twitch Integration that will show Twitch streams on a product page for individual titles. For keeping up with trends Luna will also feature a Twitch integration. That's awareness a marketing budget can't pay for.

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The service is invite-only at this point of time. It's not yet clear if that will be true for Amazon's Luna as well.

Amazon Luna, available through early access to invitees in the United States, will enable people to stream games through Fire TV, PC, iPhone, and iPad, with Android compatibility on its way. It will also be available on both iPhone and iPad, though that will be through using a browser on those devices and not natively through an app that you download through the App Store. According to the company, a future version will reach Android after the launch.

There's another thing you should know about Microsoft's cloud gaming service: it's now powered by Xbox One S hardware in Microsoft's data centers.

This is the powder Amazon is keeping dry. Here's a look at what kind of hardware you can use to enjoy games with Luna. Customers can sign up for the program on this day.

Over the years, Amazon has had a fascinating association with technology, dabbling in many related enterprises. It's the e-commerce giant platform for game streaming.

Now that nap is over. But aside from new devices, there's also a new service aimed at gamers.

It is a hundred times better than Google Stadia is what I hear as it offers 100 games or more. They'll be willing to take losses in hopes of buying customer loyalty. Amazon reccomends an internet speed of 10Mbps or 35Mbps if you're intending to play in 4K.