Almost 480000 kids infected with Covid-19 in US


On that day, the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the U.S. was listed as 164,280, although the widely circulated posts included an older estimate of 153,504 deaths. President Donald Trump was among those who tweeted the information, which was later taken down by Twitter for violating platform rules.

Early on in the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, there was little data on the virus and how it affects the body.

According to WTVM, Bill Harris, a coroner in Lee County, Georgia, said that the majority of his COVID-19 death cases (from 80 to 90 percent of them) had other contributing health conditions along with COVID-19. In order to properly interpret the CDC's report, it's important to understand how COVID-19 can worsen or cause additional symptoms and conditions. The tweet was copied from someone else's Facebook post and claimed that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had "quietly" updated its numbers "to admit that only 6%" of people listed under coronavirus deaths, or about 90,000 had "actually died" from the infection. Meaning, for the other 94%, an underlying condition existed in the patient, such as a respiratory or heart disease, obesity, or diabetes.

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CDC urged Americans to continue taking steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, and wearing a cloth mask or face mask when they are around people they don't live with. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are not recorded as the cause of death when the disease wasn't a contributing factor, such as a fatal auto crash, Alanis said. If a person were to decline to such an extent that they went into cardiac arrest and died, that too would be listed on a death certificate.

The posts, which received hundreds of thousands of shares online, were based on a regularly updated CDC data table showing underlying conditions for those who died of COVID-19.

The other 94% list COVID-19 and other conditions together. It is rare for people not to have multiple medical issues at death. "There's got to be a cause of that.COVID doesn't cause death directly, either".