22 new cases of Covid-19 identified in Donegal


A DECISION WILL be made this week on whether to increase Covid-19 restrictions in Louth, Cork, Wicklow and Galway amid a rising number of cases in the four counties. The cases are still under investigation, according to a social media post from public health.

In the USA, the number of people who have had confirmed cases of the virus has topped 7 million, and more than 204,000 have reportedly died as a result, according to Johns Hopkins University data. There have been 77 hospitalizations since the pandemic started.

The only information released about the individual was that the person was an adult. That is the largest portion.

He said as long as there is a rise in trajectory of the virus, it will lead to younger people getting sick from Covid-19 and then spreading it to the elderly. Female residents account for the largest portion of deaths with 89 (53%) overall.

There have now been 8,588 deaths in IL related to Coronavirus Disease.

MCCHD's COVID-19 Infectious Disease Team is monitoring active cases, as well as performing contact tracing efforts seven days a week.

The 7-day rate of the virus per 100,000 people in Derry City and Strabane now sits at 195.8 - the highest rate in the six counties.

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Cases: 315,281 (+619 reported today).

This, plus a case on Sunday, brings the region's total case count to 132 since March, with 117 of them being considered resolved. This occurs because previously reported cases may be removed as duplicate reports are corrected.

Excluding Labor Day, that's the fewest number of new cases reported in Georgia since June 8.

There have been no additional deaths reported.

Deaths: 6,961 (+15 deaths in 24 hours).

Classes resumed on Monday after the Catholic elementary school here closed its doors following a COVID-19 outbreak last week. It does not reflect when these deaths occurred.

Liam Woods, HSE National Director, Acute Operations said: "The front line on COVID-19 is in the ICU wards and in the hospitals". These totals don't account for tests that are not reported through the state's electronic lab reporting system.