1,000 people voted twice in state primary — Georgia


Raffensperger did not make reference to his task force during his Tuesday announcement, but Cox argued that the task force is likely "chomping at the bit" to prosecute voters who may not fully understand the vote-by-mail process in Georgia.

Her office used that assumption to distribute more than $1.4 million in federally funded grants to help the state's 169 cities and towns process this unprecedented number of absentee ballots.

If an Elector (voter) does not have their correct physical and mailing address up to date on their voter registration record this ballot will not be forwarded to their new address.

On September 10, 2020, the Georgia's State Election Board met to discuss 98 outstanding investigations conducted by the Secretary of State's office dating as far back as 2014 but extending through 2020.

Former Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox, a Democrat, suggested on Wednesday that some of these voters may have actually voted in-person because they were unsure whether their absentee ballot had been received.

She criticized the president for recent remarks encouraging people who returned absentee ballots to go to a polling place to check on their vote. Either way, do this as soon as possible.

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Lastly, Missouri voters can still vote by reporting to their local election authority to cast their ballot in person. See the Oklahoma State Election Board, ok.gov/elections/, or call your county election board.

Almost 200 additional ballots returned were labeled "spoiled" by elections officials. But in nine states and D.C., voters will not need to request a ballot first.

The Ohio legislature is promoting absentee ballots for this General Election by sending application forms through the mail, there are still various changes being made or that may be made throughout the nation according to the Brennan Center for Justice, such as curbside voting.

"That is more than has ever been requested in any Michigan election", Jake Rollow, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of State, said, according to ABC News. The deadline to submit an application for an early voting ballot to be mailed is Friday, October 23, at 6:00 p.m. Here's what we know about how each polling place will look on Election Day.

Officials can expect to receive more requests for absentee ballots as the election nears because many voters are wary about voting in person due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those procedural issues are easy to fix, sometimes even before any ballot goes out to a voter, he said.

However, the reliability of mail-in voting was put into question after the August primary. If a voter wants to cast an absentee ballot, they must apply. How can voters stay safe and enact their right to vote without risking their personal health? The voter fills out the ballot, places it in a security envelope - which also needs the voter's signature.