Your tabs on Google Chrome will soon load up to 10% faster


Collapse and expand tab groups. "These improvements will make your Chrome tabs load up to 10 per cent faster", he added.

Google is bringing in some much-needed improvements to the tabs' performance on Google Chrome. There's also a long-planned Tab Throttling optimization that reduce the impact of background tabs when it comes to performance, rolling out now in the current Beta release. It won't mess up your browsing experience at all, and it'll get you going with Chrome 85 if you don't already have it.

Also being added to Chrome is a new tab layout for tablet mode. This will make it easier for users to flip through tabs. Users can already send content between devices using Android's share menu and now, you can access another unique way to share web pages.

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If you go to chrome://flags and enable #sharing-qr-code-generator, you'll now be able to right-click within the body of any website and generate a QR code, which you can then share with others, print on your storefront, hang on your wall, et cetera. The QR code feature is also said to be rolling out to desktop browser with the users provided the ability to access the code through a dedicated QR icon on the address bar. When you open the file again, you can start up where you left off. This feature, however, will slowly roll out over the next few weeks, Google says. As you probably guessed, this feature will show a preview of the tab when you hover your cursor on it. However, a regular complaint with the browser over the years has been the RAM/memory management of the browser-things can really slow down once you have multiple tabs open. This is useful when many similar tabs are open at the same time. The first is Profile Guided Optimization, which is a compiler optimization technique where the most performance-critical parts of the code can run faster, Google explains. It was said that the "most common tasks" receive preferential treatment and are made "faster". The improvement will roll out across Mac and Windows with Chrome M85.

Additionally, Google in the release on Tuesday said that its Chrome users can now collapse and expand tab groups. "We see improvements not only in loading speed but also battery and memory savings".