Palestine slams UAE-Israeli peace deal as "flagrant departure from Arab consensus"


Hence the characterisation of Israel as a "European colonialist" and "Crusader" state established by "foreign invaders".

Under the deal Israel pledged to suspend its planned annexation of West Bank territories, a concession welcomed by European and some pro-Western Arab governments as a boost for hopes of peace.

Senior Israeli officials reportedly said Thursday that they are in advanced talks with Bahrain about normalizing ties.

"All I could tell you is I have been talking to Arab leaders", he said, referencing a public visit he made to Oman.

"The Palestinian street is also aware of the fact that the doctrine adopted by Abu Mazen regarding peace and stability in the region is no longer relevant".

Netanyahu said that the deal with the UAE - the first of its kind with a gulf state - is "good for peace, good for security, good for prosperity".

Also on August 16, Israeli news websites that had previously been blocked by UAE authorities, like the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post and YNet, could be accessed without using means to bypass internet filtering in the Emirates.

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The historic deal has delivered a key foreign policy victory to US President Donald Trump as he seeks re-election, and reflects a changing Middle East where shared concerns about Iran have largely overtaken traditional Arab support for the Palestinians.

The Iranian Guard called the deal a "shameful" agreement and an "evil action" that was underwritten by the USA, according to the group's statement on a website it runs, Sepah News. "They don't see Israel as an enemy, but an ally and what's happening now is to help Trump in the elections", Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

Iran's regional and nuclear ambitions have drawn Israel and Gulf Arab states closer in recent years, and Israeli and American officials have said they expect other Arab nations to follow the UAE's suit.

In addition, the UAE deal rewards the Trump administration's recognition of Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem in December 2017, as well as the annexation of the occupied Golan Heights in 2019.

Trump has presented the USA -brokered agreement as a major diplomatic achievement and said he expects more Arab and Muslim countries to follow suit.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had "delayed" West Bank annexation plans, but those plans remained "on the table".

After the 1991 Gulf war, Kuwait deported Palestinians for their leadership's siding with Iraq.