New dinosaur closely related to the T. rex discovered in UK


All through their analysis of the 4 bones, the scientists uncovered quite a few big spaces loaded with air, which produced them conclude that Vectaerovenator inopinatus is aspect of the theropod group of dinosaurs.

Four bones were found past year on the coast at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight and are thought very likely to be from the same individual dinosaur.

These air sacs, also seen in modern birds, were extensions of the lung and likely helped to make the dinosaur's skeleton lighter and fuel a more efficient breathing system.

Chris Barker, who led the University of Southampton research, said: "We were struck by just how hollow this animal was - it's riddled with air spaces". It is possibly part of the carnivorous group of dinosaurs, which are recognised to have employed their back again toes for strolling rather of working with the four of them.

" The document of theropod dinosaurs coming from the "the middle of" Cretaceous time period in Europe isn't that wonderful, so it is actually been actually actually impressive to become capable to enhance our understanding of the variety of dinosaur varieties coming from this moment".

"You don't usually find dinosaurs in the deposits at Shanklin as they were laid down in a marine habitat".

This study confirmed that those separate bones were likely from the same dinosaur, which probably lived north of where its bones were found; the researchers speculate the carcass had washed out into the shallow sea nearby.

A new species of dinosaur identified with the Tyrannosaurus rex has been found in England.

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Four bones from the neck, back and tail of the new dinosaur named Vectaerovenator Inopinatus were discovered over several weeks past year on three occasions by beachgoers on foreshore including the family at the seaside resort of Shanklin.

Now, the new study has confirmed that the fossils belong to an individual dinosaur.

"It appeared various from marine reptile vertebrae I have occur across in the earlier", James Lockyer, who identified a different 1 of the fossils, informed the university.

The new fossils will be exhibited at the Dinosaur Isle Museum at Sandown on the Isle of White, which is properly-acknowledged as one particular of the greatest locations in Europe to find dinosaur continues to be.

The scientists' study about the Vectaerovenator inopinatus is published in Papers in Paleontology. "You're much more likely to find fossil oysters or drift wood, so this is a rare find indeed".

The other two individuals who found the bones were both fossil trackers.

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Later, he said that the joy of finding the bones was "fantastic". The bones will be on display in the museum in the future.