Nations signed up to vaccines Growth programme, World Health Organization announces


Chinese state news tabloid The Global Times reported on Monday that those essential workers given emergency doses of the vaccine "had few adverse reactions and none reported a fever".

As part of the self-financing facility of COVAX, countries will have to provide expression of intent by 31 August and to turn these into binding commitments by 18 September. It uses information on the virus itself as well as its relatives, SARS, MERS and other coronaviruses carried by animals that threaten to "spill-over' to humans again to cause future human epidemics", said Professor Jonathan Heeney, head of the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics at the University of Cambridge, and founder of DIOSynVax - a Cambridge spin-out company.

According to a media report, World Health Organization director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the facility was critical to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, and would not only pool risk for countries developing and buying vaccines, but also ensure prices are kept "as low as possible".

Using insect cells to grow proteins for the coronavirus vaccine - a first in China - could speed up large-scale production, the Chengdu city government said in a notice on its official WeChat account.

Gavi and CEPI also have an agreement with AstraZeneca, announced in June, for guaranteed supply of a further 300 million doses of their candidate vaccine, if successful, to the COVAX facility. Most importantly, it is the mechanism to enable a globally coordinated rollout.

"COVID-19 is an unprecedented global health challenge that can only be met with unprecedented cooperation between governments, researchers, manufacturers and multilateral partners", said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO.

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"We're working with vaccine manufacturers to provide all countries that join the effort, timely and equitable access to all vaccines, licensed and approved", he said, indicating that it was in the interest of all countries, even those invested independently with manufacturers.

Another nine vaccine candidates remain under evaluation by the initiative.

A race is on among countries to guarantee a supply amid concern about competition for access, with Britain and the United States in the lead in securing six vaccine deals with drugmakers each. Nine candidate vaccines are now being supported by CEPI; seven of which are now in clinical trials.

Through the allocation framework, COVAX will ensure that low-, middle- and high-income countries receive the vaccine in a timely way, when there is a safe and effective vaccine.

"Signing up to the COVAX Facility gives each country its best chance at protecting the most vulnerable members of their populations - which in turn gives the world its best chance at mitigating the toll this pandemic has taken on individuals, communities and the global economy".