When Johnny Depp was 'Pooped' by Amber Heard's Prank


Depp accuses the paper of harming his reputation by stating in an online story in April 2018 that he was a violently abusive "wife beater".

The ongoing legal battles between Johnny Depp and Aquaman star "Amber Heard" continue to heat up.

"I just don't know if I can do this anymore", she wrote. He said he understood that she "or possibly one of her friends" had allegedly called it "a harmless prank".

The Sun's original article related to allegations made by the actress, who was married to the Pirates of the Caribbean star from 2015 to 2017. They said she was a "complex individual", prone to wild mood swings, and took a variety of prescription medication and other drugs.

"She knew what she wanted and I was an easy target". I have not taken it off because I love her... it's coming off now.

Last year Johnny Depp filed a $50M defamation suit against his former wife Amber Heard. But the actor said he has never abused Heard - or any other woman in his life - and it went against his "moral code".

"He is not a wife beater and never has been".

He denied screaming about how Heard "liked getting f****d on set" and making "vulgar" comments while grilling her about sleeping with Adderall Diaries co-star Franco in 2014. Heard and furthermore I have never hit Ms. I did not f****** deck you.

"I did not hit Ms". You are a f****** baby'. She also called Depp "mean and insensitive". Grow the f*** up.' The court heard details of several bust-ups between the pair.

It was alleged that Depp hit Heard so hard that "blood from her lip ended on the wall", in a row over a painting by one of her ex-partners that was hanging in her bedroom and to which he tried set fire. He ended up sleeping in there.

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She said the incident happened during the second day of a "three-day hostage situation".

Depp's lawyers, in a written outline of his case to the court, also argued that although the couple's relationship was at times "physical", it was at Heard's instigation.

His witness statement said that he had been recovering from alcohol and drug abuse during "significant parts" of his marriage with Heard.

Wass asked whether Depp would describe himself as jealous.

The actor replied: "I can't say that I had a full blackout, because I have memories of the flight. some memories of the flight, yes".

In a "blind rage", he kicked her in the back as she tried to walk away from him and slapped her across the face, Wass said.

Depp rejected every allegation of violence put to him by Wass, dismissing the claims as "not correct" and "patently untrue". I'm happy for you, my angel'.

A source had told TMZ back then that Depp's severed finger could not be saved as he hadn't sought medical attention for a day. I was being a responsible parent as far as I was concerned'.

A separate libel claim brought by Mr Depp against Ms Heard in the United States, over a December 2018 column in the Washington Post - which said the actress received "the full force of our culture's wrath for women who speak out", but did not mention Mr Depp by name - is due to begin in January.

But Depp told the court he had shunned violence from the moment he heard in 1998 he was to become a father with Paradis, and accused Barkin of harbouring "a grudge". Her girlfriend, Bianca Butti, 38, was also there.