Virus Task Force Members Not Scheduled to Attend Trump Briefing


Fauci, a member of the White House pandemic task force, said in an interview with Maria Shriver on Instagram Live late Monday that he believed the president's characterization of him was unfair, NBC News reported.

The US leader had reportedly told aides that wearing a mask would make him look weak and he could not stomach the idea of letting the media photograph him in one.

However, it's not clear that McEnany's predictions - that daily press briefings will improve Trump's standing with Americans - will actually come true, nor is it clear that her assessment is based on reality. Trump praised himself as "patriotic" for doing the deed, and again called COVID-19 the "China virus".

The White House has not provided any additional details and has not yet released the text of the memorandum, but in a written statement, a White House official who spoke on background said the "action will clarify that illegal aliens are not to be included for the objective of apportionment of Representatives following the 2020 Census".

The White House press secretary says President Trump is "the right person to give information to the American people", despite past missteps at press briefings.

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President Donald Trump and his administration have spent months downplaying the effectiveness of wearing a mask - he now says that wearing one is "patriotic". 'I'll be discussing it, and I'll also be discussing, perhaps, some other things'. Trump to wear a mask in public more often, saying the issue has become politicized and he could set a positive example. Those states include California, Florida and Texas, he said.

Donald Trump earlier in the spring had mocked Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for wearing a mask, and during a press briefing in April, he suggested that it wouldn't seem presidential.

According to Pelosi, Trump is leaving the White House, "whether he knows it yet or not", even if he "has to be fumigated". The comment prompted widespread medical warnings against the potentially deadly move.

Trump's advisers also linked wearing a mask to political success, a key argument as Trump's poll numbers were low and coronavirus remained a top concern for voters. "In the history of cable television, there's never been anything like it".

"I want to get out there and do the rally as soon as we can", Trump said Saturday on a call with MI supporters. Tellingly, when he announced Monday that the news conferences could return, he did so with an eye toward its time slot.