US Defense Secretary Hints at Rearranging US Troop Deployment Worldwide


The Pentagon has presented the White House with options to reduce the USA military presence in South Korea as the two countries remain at odds over the costs of stationing American troops in the Asian nation, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Rotating units to additional foreign countries will allow American military personnel more opportunity to train alongside more allies, Mr. Hoffman said.

The U.S. has about 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea as a bulwark against North Korea, but the U.S.

The Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff has revised the structure of USA forces in South Korea as part of a broader review of how to reposition and potentially reduce military deployments worldwide, a USA military official said.

The U.S. and South Korea have been military allies since the Korean War. Negotiations led on the USA facet by the State Division have been deadlocked for months.

While he also said that he would look at every geographic combat command to implement USA national defense strategy.

The paper noted that the disclosure came as US President Donald Trump recently chose to partially withdraw troops from Germany.

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President Donald Trump has questioned the worth of stationing USA troops in South Korea and elsewhere on the planet, saying Seoul and different host governments should pay extra of the price.

"So we will continue to look at the adjustments, at every command we have in every theater, to make sure we are optimizing our forces", the secretary added. "Is the Pentagon and the president considering any reduction or withdrawal of US forces?"

Pentagon officials have said that the "repositioning" of forces around the world - in large part to confront China - is part of a comprehensive and long-overdue review of all USA overseas deployments expected to be completed in September. Some of these regions have seen a large USA military presence for decades, Pentagon officials said.

The US Department of Defence has presented the administration of US President Donald Trump with options to cut the US military presence in South Korea after Trump's demand for Seoul to significantly increase payments to Washington for US troops stationed in the country, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing a Pentagon official.

The Pentagon has drawn up plans to reach a "waypoint" in its own compliance with the deal, perhaps by late fall, by withdrawing another 4,000 troops.

"This is a continuous process", he said.

Trump has often said that he is treated unfairly.