Military reservist in armed Rideau Hall incident in court, charges expected


A 46-year-old man who allegedly breached the front pedestrian gates of Rideau Hall on Thursday morning is now facing 22 criminal charges, majority related to the possession and transportation of firearms.

Canadian police said Friday an armed man who this week crashed his truck through a gate on the grounds where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives had several weapons and then roamed around the estate for 13 minutes.

Police were also seen examining the man's pick-up truck.

The man had a bail hearing on Friday and was remanded in custody until July 17.

Corey Hurren, who hails from Manitoba province, appeared briefly in court to hear the criminal charges filed over Thursday's incident at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

"Our members relied on their training and instinct to continue, speaking with the suspect until 8:30 a.m., at which point he was apprehended into custody without incident", said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Michael Duheme. "All of our staff are safe", Ms Payette tweeted on Thursday.

Asked why it took over an hour to detain the suspect, Duheme said there's always an effort by members first to de-escalate a situation but that it can take time. On Friday, the suspected gunman was charged with multiple firearms-related offences and uttering threats.

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"He was not, however, part of any CAF military task at the time of his arrest; he travelled to Ottawa of his own accord without the knowledge of his chain of command", the statement says, adding his Ranger rifle has been in the military's hands throughout.

Mr Trudeau was not at home when the incident occurred at the entrance to the Ottawa estate on Thursday morning.

Police believe he was acting alone.

CBC has confirmed Hurren is a member of the Canadian Rangers, an organization within the Canadian Armed Forces reserves.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family live close to the greenhouse; however, they and Governor General Julie Payette were away at the time. The RCMP security detail on the grounds spotted the suspect around 6:40 and a site-wide lockdown was ordered but police did not confirm they had visual contact with the suspect until 6:43 a.m.

That is when the suspect began to walk the grounds on foot, police said.

"Once it was reported to us, we took action and acted swiftly", Duheme said.