Microsoft sets date for the next Xbox Games Showcase


However, rumors suggest that Microsoft will finally reveal more first-party games developed by Xbox Game Studios for its upcoming console.

The news comes after Microsoft promised that its Xbox Game Studios team would debut new gameplay and titles optimised for the Xbox Series X.

This could be the reveal of first-party content coming to the next-gen console Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. As the name suggests, participants will be able to play more than 60 brand-new game demos of unreleased Xbox games for a week.

There is not much left to see Microsoft's new gaming proposal: theXbox Games Showcase will air on July 23 at matches from 18:00 Italian time. Now, Microsoft has all of its plans lined up, setting the date for Xbox's next big showing. The report mentions that Microsoft has a total of 15 Xbox Game Studios so far.

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The company previously showed trailers for 13 games from third-party publishers during its first Xbox 20/20 event. It too will be an all-digital console at a lower price point than the Xbox Series X. This means Sony and Microsoft will be competing across two console markets. Sadly, we'll have to wait to see whatever it is they're working on.

The announcement was posted on official Xbox channels and social media.

Rare also unveiled its new Everwild game in November, and we might get a closer look at that during Microsoft's event.