Heard says Depp threw bottles at her 'like grenades'


Heard texted her mother in 2013 that she was heartbroken to discover Depp became violent and abusive when high on drugs and alcohol, likening him to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

"No, Johnny did it right in front of me, he often did things like that", she added of the burn. She felt he had tried to kill her that night. She was afraid of what her father's reaction would be.

Later she sent another message to her mother, Paige, saying: "My heart is broken". As she gasped for breath and writhed around, she said she cut her feet and arms on the glass.

"I used concealer to hide some of the bruises, plus foundation - a full face of makeup".

The nurse recalled Amber injuries as "actively bleeding on her lip".

Depp's lawyer Eleanor Laws said Heard's account that the actor had severed his finger by smashing a phone against a wall and then continued to assault her was a lie.

Laws made much of a series of video clips from an elevator at the couple's Los Angeles apartment building that she claimed showed no evidence of any injuries on Heard's face after an incident on May 21, 2016, which ended up with police arriving on the scene. I had two black eyes, I had a broken nose, I had a broken lip... the really bad ones (bruises) were in my hairline, on my scalp.

Mr Holmes texted Ms Heard at around noon to say "on my way to get him", to which Ms Heard replied: "Trying to wake him now". There was chunks of hair missing, there was pus in those wounds in my hair line, dark red bruises... purple-red on my temples and on my chin.

She texted her mother later: "He makes Dad look like a saint when he falls off the wagon".

"So I stay on the train, even though I know it's about to explode".

Ms Heard, who is due to finish giving evidence on Thursday, was questioned by Sasha Wass, representing the Sun's publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN).

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Ms Heard explained that when Mr Depp was sober he was "generous [and] loving, he is a remarkable man when he is like that. I had my hair and makeup done at home by professionals". The memory had come to her in "a flash" and she reacted to defend her sister, she said.

Earlier in the trial, Johnny denied claims he abused Amber during the trip, and accused her of severing his finger by throwing a vodka bottle at him. I told him that would be it if he did. He did not like that, and he yelled at me, something like, 'you think you're a f***ing tough guy?'

It's not the first time cannabis has stirred up controversy in the increasingly vicious court case. I thought I would have to go to hospital. He's not being violent to me.

Depp previously admitted he headbutted Heard "accidentally" in a shocking courtroom revelation.

"He then did it again and that I have in my mind constantly he stated that I saved his entire life and that I believed honestly I might short circuit [a row about drinking]".

He told the court: "There was no intentional headbutt".

Amber's testimony would be the basis of defense for The Sun, whom Depp is suing against an April 2018 article terming him "wife beater".

Ms Heard quietly replied: "No". "He's an addict and he was very violent, but I love him very much".

He has brought separate libel proceedings against Heard in the US.

Depp and Heard satisfied while working to the 2011 movie The Rum Diary and started living together in 2012 before marrying Los Angeles at February 2015.

This week's evidence centred around the days before Heard filed for divorce.