Graphic: TikTok Attracts Users, Scrutiny in Bumpy Ride to Success


Concomitantly, latest media report on TikTok's intent to leave its parent company alongside China, where its app is not available, came forth a couple of days after the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow had sent a welcoming message to TikTok saying that it would be better for the Chinese ByteDance-owned firm to operate separately as a USA company.

TikTok, the popular app known for short and entertaining videos, is now facing political heat because of the fact that it is established in China.

On June 30, TikTok's chief information security officer Roland Cloutier reassured the app users in a blog post, citing "many legitimate reasons" why apps access clipboard data. However, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office - a privacy watchdog - is now investigating the app.

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It has further been alleged that the CCP can access peoples data when using TikTok by the USA secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The company responded to Kudlow's suggestion with a "no speculation" comment to Fox Business, but added that "ByteDance is evaluating changes to the corporate structure of its TikTok business".

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government was "having a good look" at TikTok, which has also fallen under United States scrutiny for "national security risks".

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The 2017 Countrywide Protection Legislation in China compels any organisation or citizen to "guidance, support and co-function with the state intelligence operate" in accordance with the legislation.

But ByteDance will be aware about the implications of displeasing the Communist Bash.

The company opened an office in Australia in the recent weeks.

Refusing a direct order from the country's spymasters could also have consequences for the wider company and its leadership.

A further worry is censorship.

"For example, removing material about Tiananmen Square, or deprioritising material about Hong Kong protests..."

Even more reporting from the Washington Article, which talked to six former TikTok staff, reported moderators in China experienced the last say on whether flagged movies were approved.

But some argue that its moderation lifestyle may possibly nevertheless be biased in favour of the Chinese state.