Former Pixel camera guru will make a ‘universal camera app’ for Adobe


Ahead of he joined Google whole time, Levoy worked on the camera in the $1,500 Google Glass Explorer Version as browsing college at Google's previous Moonshot division, Google X, and he launched a Google-funded investigate job at Stanford in 2002 that inevitably became Road Watch in Google Maps.

Some owners of Google's Pixel 4 XL are reporting a defect that causes the glass back of the phone to peel off. His departure will likely have an impact on Pixel camera development, but Google will surely have other resources to compensate for his absence. Working on an app that's available on both Android and iOS, Levoy may change smartphone photography yet again. As it is right now, the Pixel 5 is rumored to be delayed, but that's on account of the global coronavirus health crisis, not Levoy's departure from the team.

That said, one of the big hurdles to creating a universal camera app is that numerous features and APIs used in things like the Pixel camera app or the iPhone camera app aren't readily available to third-party developers. That reported, Adobe wasn't straight away ready to outline "universal digital camera app" for us - we've also read that phrase refer to an app system that companies like Facebook and Snapchat could use to create their own camera applications or an app that could work throughout, say, a cameraphone and a greater digital camera like a DSLR. Adobe wasn't able to define the term for The Verge. It's likely that Adobe will want to upgrade these features to keep up with the evolution of camera hardware and software, especially on mobile.

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His role will see him also working as part of Adobe's Sensei team tasked with using AI and machine learning to improve data analysis and more.

Levoy headed up the staff that made the extraordinary computational photography engineering utilised in Google's Pixel smartphones, which includes capabilities like Evening Sight, Portrait Method, and HDR+.

While Google seems to be shipping out replacement devices to those affected, that doesn't necessarily solve things, since the refurbished phones sent out can also experience this problem.