Driver Fights Off Deadly Brown Snake on Queensland Highway


The man was driving on a highway at 60 miles per hour when suddenly he spotted a snake slithering around his legs, according to Queensland police.

"It just started to wrap around me", Jimmy told police.

He was in a panic, believing he had been bitten by the poisonous eastern brown snake as it struck toward him and also bit the seat between his legs.

An Australian man battled and killed a venomous snake while driving almost 70 miles per hour on June 15, Aussie cops said in a press release.

Jimmy thought she had bitten him in the next belly and was afraid for his life.

Using a seat belt and a work knife to battle the creature while bringing his vehicle to a stop, the driver managed to kill the snake, and then drove at high speed to the nearest hospital as he feared that he had been bitten. "His head started hitting the chair (in the driver's seat) between my legs", Jimmy said in the press release.

The police officer didn't buy Jimmy's story at first, but he called paramedics after seeing the snake in the truck bed.

Driver Fights Off Deadly Brown Snake on Queensland Highway
Driver Fights Off Deadly Brown Snake on Queensland Highway

"I'm driving at 100 kilometres an hour and I just started to brake", he told police.

'I think it has bitten me, it was with me in the vehicle'.

Police found the snake dead in the back of the truck and confirmed it was an eastern brown, highly venomous and one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

"I have never been so happy to see red and blue lights", he said. "You can feel my heart, mate".

The officer moved to the back of the ute, where a large brown snake was bleeding and lying across the back tray.

A Queensland man made a terrifying discovery while travelling 100km/h on a regional highway last month.

Police said while this was a unique situation, snakes were protected under the Nature Conservation Act.

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