'Disgruntled Boring Fool': Trump Rants About Bolton After Book Reveals Damning Info


The Democrats' strategy failed, said Bolton, and actually made things worse, because it fit with Trump's own political strategy, "keep it narrow, and move it fast". "But you know, we do need, I think, to expose the length and breadth of this president's depravity and how much it is endangering the country and those facts will need to come out, and we're discussing with the speaker and my fellow chairs just how to do that".

Schiff said, "I would put frankly, at the top of the list the willingness to change tariffs if only China would help him get re-elected and this is a flawless echo of his misconduct with Ukraine, but more than that, we warned during the trial that you could only count on Donald Trump to do what's right for him and not what's right for the country".

"In 2016 I voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton", Bolton told the Telegraph. "But the idea that ... compliments to this brutal dictator would convince him that you could make a deal with Donald Trump, I thought, was both strikingly naive and unsafe".

The suit follows warnings from President Donald Trump that Bolton could face a "criminal problem" if he doesn't halt plans to publish the book, which is scheduled for release next week. Trump has denied making such comments to Bolton, and during Sunday's interview, Bolton accused the president of lying.

But Bolton maintained that his impeachment testimony "would not have made any difference".

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It's absolutely 180 degrees the opposite of the truth", he explained, "because he was acquitted in the Senate.

"It's not the first time, either", Bolton told Raddatz. I don't think he's a conservative Republican. "He didn't learn lessons from it, other than that he could get away with it, which leaves only the last guardrail - is the election this November".

In an interview with ABC, aired after the Telegraph published its piece, Bolton said that he was "certainly not going to vote for Joe Biden", adding that he would "figure out a conservative Republican to vote in".

"I want people to read it, not for the conclusions, but for the basic evidence that it provides. Let there be no doubt - he will not be voting for Trump or Biden".