Comet Neowise Streaks Across Clear Night Sky Over Netherlands


As it moves away from the sun and edges closer to Earth, the comet will fade away, but your chance of catching it improves if you can find a location that's free of light pollution, meaning street lights, auto headlights, apartment lights, and the like.

Federica Spoto, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said comets that can be seen with just the human eye or with a pair of binoculars, like NEOWISE, are rare. You see a little light on the horizon and you are thinking is that it?

"I was treated to what might be a once in a lifetime event; the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) showed up, "photobombing" my comet shot", Gertsman said in an email to on Wednesday.

The NEOWISE comet has been delighting skygazers around the world this month, with photographers turning their lenses upward and capturing it above landmarks across the Northern Hemisphere. He added that on July 23, the comet will pass its closest to the Earth at a distance of 103.6 million kilometres.

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To watch Neowise, get a good view of the northwestern sky just after sunset. It will continue to orbit the sun, however, coming back toward Earth again in around 6,800 years. Until this week, you would have had to get up in the pre-dawn hours to see the comet and its long fan-like trail, but since Monday NEOWISE is visible in the evening after dark. "The best time to go is right after dusk, an hour after sunset". An even better option is the New Jersey Pine Barrens or New Jersey shore. The comet is named NEOWISE simply because that is the outer area telescope that learned it. Since city lights obscure our view of the universe above via a process called light pollution, it may be easier to see Neowise from outside city limits. In all likelihood, another comet will glow in the night sky before Halley's return, but stargazers will need to be patient and wait for the next comet to emerge from the depths of space.

We're not sure about you guys, but we'll be heading out to check out Neowise tonight.

Comet Neowise was filmed streaking across the clear sky over the Netherlands during a still summer night on July 13.