Black Lives Matter organizer arrested after protesting on private property


While Black Lives Matter and more recent campaigns are raising awareness about the importance of racial equality, other groups are attempting to disrupt the growth of the movement.

The Supreme Court of NSW has ruled against a Black Lives Matter protest planned for next week in Sydney, declaring it to be a prohibited public assembly.

An Australian court on Sunday ordered a halt to a Black Lives Matter protest for this week, accepting police concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, but the organiser vowed to appeal. "Black, brown, and Indigenous people are marginalized and oppressed by systemic white racism", she said.

'This particular protest on Tuesday will be considered an illegal gathering and the police response will be accordingly, ' he told reporters after the ruling.

Public health physician Jeremy McAnulty voiced his concerns in court on Friday about the ability of demonstrators to socially distance.

The rally is scheduled to begin at Town Hall before proceeding to Parliament House where a petition will be delivered.

Mr Dungay, a diabetic, died after prison officers stormed his Sydney jail cell in 2015 to stop him eating biscuits.

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Organisers intend to file an appeal against the decision.

"As such, police will not hesitate to take the appropriate action, if required".

"Assistant Commissioner Maloney's evidence satisfies all the statutory criteria", Mr Spartalis said.

Mr Gibson produced a COVID safety plan, in which he said people should wear masks, practice hand hygiene and leave contact details with organisers so they could be notified in the event a demonstrator tests positive to coronavirus.

Ms Maloney "personally" saw how social distancing couldn't be maintained at a July 5 protest in The Domain, despite marshals being present.

With the heightened racial tensions in the USA due to the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and the pandemic affecting people of color at disparate rates, many Americans are asking themselves, "Where do we go from here?"

"I had made up my own mind, the commissioner had his own view, but my name has to sign off ... on the prohibition order for the court", she said.