Apple warns that a camera cover could break your MacBook's display


When the event WWDC 2012 was submitted to the MacBook Pro with Retina display, head of marketing for Apple's Phil Schiller called it "a breakthrough in the development of displays" and said that "there has never been such a great laptop".

Avoid using a camera cover that leaves adhesive residue.

Not only the display is in danger but the camera cover also blocks multiple sensors.

Let's admit it, putting some tape over the camera on our laptops is one of the first thing we do when getting a new computer because, after all, a physical kill switch is pretty much the best way to make sure nobody invades our privacy no matter what.

In other words, Apple wants you to trust that no one will be able to circumvent its protections, even as past security research has uncovered macOS malware capable of taking screen captures.

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- The camera cover must not be more than 0.01mm in thickness - Avoid using a camera cover that leaves behind any adhesive residue -If you do end up having a cover that is thicker than 0.01mm, keep in mind to take it off before you close your laptop.

As MacRumors explains, this was likely precipitated by a series of complaints from MacBook users online who have reported that their displays have cracked or been damaged after covering the camera. However, Apple is warning the customers not to close Macbooks with a camera cover attached.

According to his report, the new models could spark a renewed interest in the MacBook line to the tune of 18-20 million units, a significant increase over the 16-17 million units expected to ship this year, according to Kuo. The crack originated just below webcam and propagated downwards. The green camera indicator light glows whenever the camera is being used.

For users concerned whether the camera is on, an alternative may be to check whether the camera light indicator is active. The camera cover he bought supposedly was just 0.03mm thick. "This is how you can tell if your camera is on", the page says.

If using a camera cover is a must, Apple recommends sticking with a super-thin piece of tape or anything else that's not thicker than 0.1 mm.