Annexation would represent a violation of global law: UKs Johnson warns Israel


"We will put in place all necessary measures to ensure national unity" in efforts against annexation, senior Fatah official Jibril Rajub said in Ramallah at the press conference, also addressed by Hamas official Saleh al Arouri by video-link from Beirut. "Today, we are coming out with one voice and one flag, and we are working on building a strategic vision to face challenges and lead the public with the participation of all factions".

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, initially vowed to begin extending Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank on July 1, but the plan has been paused amid strong resistance from the worldwide community and a surge in coronavirus cases in Israel.

Yet, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's previous suggestions, it appears that the date will pass without a formal announcement concerning Israel's plans for annexing part of the occupied West Bank.

Arouri described the conference as "an opportunity to start a new phase that will be a strategic service to our people in the most risky stages".

In an article for an Israeli newspaper, the PM said he had followed the proposals to absorb occupied parts of the West Bank with "sadness". "I don't think this is going to happen", Khatib told AFP.

It comes after Mr Netanyahu hinted that he would not begin annexation on July 1, citing "diplomatic and security considerations" and stressing that annexation would begin "after" July 1.

The prime minister added: "I profoundly hope that annexation does not go ahead".

However, the plan has attracted criticism from the global community, which sees the settlements as illegal.

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Experts say there is evidence emerging that Netanyahu's desired roadmap for moving forward is at odds with Washington's.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long promised to extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank; the Trump administration's support and the coalition agreement he struck with Benny Gantz have given a strong boost to those plans.

The document said, "Discussions on unilateral sanctions or threats of sanctions have no constructive effect" on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

But Palestinians have rejected the plan saying the pockets of territory they'd have left would fall short of what's needed for a viable independent state.

The plan has also attracted opposition from some settler leaders and pro-settler politicians who have voiced concern that annexation could lead to the creation of a Palestinian state, which they oppose.

"So I think there is tension between Netanyahu and the White House on this right now".

Netanyahu met United States envoys on Tuesday to discuss annexation within the framework of Trump's Middle East peace plan, and said afterwards that such talks would continue for several days.