US Elections 2020: Trump criticises mail-in voting with shocking false claims


Research shows that younger voters and communities of color are less familiar or comfortable with voting by mail. But he keeps changing his story about why he's opposed.

As states ease voting by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic, a deluge of mail-in ballots and glacially slow counting procedures made delays inevitable.

The president claimed ballots could be stolen, falsified by foreign nations or banned from Republican sections in voting districts.

Strong participation in the more populous counties in eastern Pennsylvania, which had a heavier load of covid-19 cases, balanced out weaker mail-in balloting in more rural areas, where there were few reports of coronavirus infections, the study found.

In another tweet he stated in all caps that "millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries and others it will be the scandal of our times".

"The basis of this request is the overwhelming number of reports from almost every corner of the state that indicate Governor Murphy's switch to an all-mail primary election was ill considered and poorly executed to a degree that risks disenfranchisement", Steinhardt wrote.

Planning for an election during the COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge that election officials have faced in our lifetimes.

"Ballots are built unique for each election. Proofs for each ballot style are reviewed and tested to ensure the ballot scanners will read those ballots and only those ballots", Morrell said.

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The U.S. attorney's office referred the request to the voting rights section of the Justice Department's civil rights division, spokesman Matthew Reilly said.

Many states, including some with Republican leaders, are taking steps towards making mail-in ballots easier to submit during the 2020 election - citing it as a safer alternative to in-person voting on November 3. He has alleged - without citing evidence - that it will lead to massive fraud. If the war were a contagious virus, this might even make sense.

The larger concern, however, is what the president intends to do with this assumption.

In total, 12,366 ballots statewide required a signature cure as a result of a missing signature or one that did not match the one filed with election officials, and 5,617 of those ballots were successfully cured, or resolved through follow-up. He said he's grateful for the help Richland County received for the runoff from the South Carolina Election Commission.

Wyman, who is also running for re-election this November in Washington, said Republicans in her state have begun reaching out to her campaign concerned about the potential for fraud that Trump is talking about.

Local voters looking to cast their ballots in Tuesday's primary election had the opportunity to do so in person, thanks to the dedicated efforts of polling station workers and the Chautauqua County Board of Elections.

The state's Republican secretary of state, Michael Adams, said he's "cautiously optimistic" long lines won't force people to wait hours before voting in Louisville, where the only in-person Election Day voting place is at the state fairgrounds. "The focus should be on replicating this in November, while expanding the number of voting sites".

"I think it's very sad and very disappointing that with nearly five months to go, the president seems to [want to] try to delegitimize the November 3 election", said Ridge.