Twitter now allows to schdeule tweets, save as draft and more


Saving drafts has been available on Twitter's mobile applications (both Android and iOS) for a while, and it was high time the company brought the same on the web. However, do keep in mind that you cannot schedule tweets for more than 18 months in advance. To access this feature, people earlier used to be relying on third-party apps.

Now that you have confirmed the publishing date, take a last look over your tweet, you'll notice the tweet window now has your chosen date and time next to your avatar. In other words, there is no need for tweet scheduling tools anymore.

While composing a tweet, the users will now able to see a little calendar icon below on the compose window.

After this, it will be automatically tweeted at the time you decide. Now they have the official option to schedule tweets.

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In addition, users can now also save draft tweets in the web app, although currently they won't be synced to drafts in Twitter's mobile app, and vice versa.

To do so, just tap on the "X" button in the top left corner of the tweet composer and then select the Save button.

The tweet also explains the fact that drafts saved on the web application will only synchronize to other instances of the web app exclusively. Twitter's new scheduling feature makes doing so easy.

Twitter shares three crucial data-driven, and actionable best practices to help you maximize your video ads strategy on its platform. This is the button that normally says "Tweet", but since it's for scheduled tweets, it changes to Schedule on the Twitter website. You do not need to click or update anything to get the features.