Trump Wants to Debate Biden and He Wants to Do It ASAP


That's not to say Trump won't end up debating Biden, or that he will, but by having others make the demand on his behalf, Trump keeps his options much more open than if he joined in.

Despite the Trump campaign's early hopes that it could expand the Electoral College map from 2016, the president has so far advertised in the same six states where Biden is going up with ads, along with Iowa and OH, two states that Trump won more comfortably in 2016 and that were not initially expected to be crucial 2020 swing states.

Fear is a big factor when it comes to turnout, and that could help Biden.

President Donald Trump's campaign is publicly demanding more debates with Joe Biden, which Biden's campaign has rejected. "We have polls, and in my polls, we're ahead", he was quoted as saying by Fox News.

Biden, in a hint of remarks to come, told the group that "no one" in the Trump Administration "is taking responsibility" during the outbreak.

President Donald Trump is seeking more televised debates with his Democratic Party competitor Joe Biden ahead of the November 3 presidential election, Trump's campaign said on Thursday, a request that was quickly shot down by former Vice President Biden's campaign. That 12-point advantage is statistically significant, and up from Biden's 8-point lead last month (48-40 percent).

Biden has steadily stepped up his attacks on Trump's leadership in recent weeks.

While almost two-thirds of respondents sympathised with the protesters, according to the poll, Mr Trump has openly flirted with deploying the military to "dominate" them. Biden leads Mr. Trump by 8% in MI, 5% in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and 4% in Arizona and Florida. In 2016, he won white evangelicals by 64 points and rural areas by 27.

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Moreover, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests against police brutality, more voters see Biden as empathetic and respectful, the Fox News reported.

President Donald Trump says that mail-in voting presents the greatest threat to his reelection hopes and he suggested that legal efforts in several states launched by his allies might decide November's election.

Fifty-three percent believe Biden respects racial minorities vs. 35 percent who say the same about the president. "At what point will Biden subject himself to the scrutiny American voters deserve when considering the next President of the United States?"

While some reports have suggested that OH is a toss-up this year, Borges said his PAC won't be working in the state, which Trump won by almost 500,000 votes in 2016.

Plus, Biden is better liked. Republicans' net approval of Trump is down 13 points from March to June, declining every month in that span.

Race has become a major issue in the minds of voters after the president's handling of the protests in response to the killing of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis while in police custody.

Voters are growing increasingly anxious about racism in the country, with 81 per cent of voters expressing concern over racism while 66 per cent of voters saw racism as a major threat to the stability of the country.