Texas and Florida Restrict Businesses as States' Coronavirus Cases Continue Rising


Florida issued its new rules after recording a startling 8,942 new cases of COVID-19, eclipsing the state's one-day record of 5,511 reached on June 24. The selection rivals that of New York's peak in everyday situations in early April. Some of these states have positive case rates below 10%, but are still being tracked closely, she noted.

"If you let everybody out without face masks and without social distancing in the middle of a pandemic, this is what was predicted".

According to data from John Hopkins University on Saturday, the United States reached 2,507,874 cases, representing a quarter of the almost 10 million cases in the world.

Instances are trekking continual in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Virginia.

Due to concerns in California, Disneyland will not reopen as scheduled on July 17th, though Florida reopening plans still appear to be on track despite concerns in that state as well.

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee declared Saturday he is hitting the pause button on the state's reopening approach thanks to soaring instances.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has been a proponent of a rapid reopening.

"Section 4 would suggest a return to typical exercise and we can not do that now", the statement claimed.

"Something must be done to prevent economic problems caused by the coronavirus", said supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran, which has struggled to curb its outbreak.

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He said the State Department would begin warning U.S. citizens of the threat of surveillance and arrest when visiting the city. China's top legislature will hold another round of meetings to discuss again the draft national security law for Hong Kong.

"I inquire all Texans to do their part to gradual the distribute of Covid-19 by wearing a mask, washing their palms often, and socially distancing from some others".

Global coronavirus cases exceeded 10 million on Sunday according to a Reuters tally, marking a major milestone in the spread of the respiratory disease that has so far killed nearly half a million people in seven months.

Mr Abbott announced that he was closing bars, stopping river-rafting, and ordering restaurants to return to half capacity to try to stem the outbreak.

Arizona's governor has also announced the state's reopening is on pause as a result of a big spike in cases.

"We expect that our quantities will be worse following 7 days and the 7 days next", the governor mentioned.

Deaths in the US are running at about 600 per day, down from a peak of around 2,200 in mid-April. In Mississippi, officials pointed to fraternity parties as a single of the drivers powering the state's scenarios.

"There is a perception that a lot of young people, properly you're young so you really feel a very little little bit extra invincible but, respectfully, generally that can be a selfish mentality", Newsom reported.

"I think there will be a temptation for people to see these Sunbelt states that have been reopening and putting people to work again and suggest that the reopening has to do with what we are seeing in the last week or so", Pence said. The state's neighborhood transmission, he explained, is "becoming driven by that 18 to 35-12 months-previous team".

He reminded them that "a risk for you is not just isolated to you, because if you get infected. the chances are that you're going to infect someone else. and ultimately you will infect someone who's vulnerable".