"Pokemon Unite" Announced For Nintendo Switch & Mobile


Many were expecting something more conventional from the presentation, which was announced last week following the reveal of New Pokemon Snap, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Unite, which was not given a release date, will be free to start on the Switch and iOS and Android devices.

By now, there isn't a single person who doesn't know about the Pokemon franchise, whether it be through the long-running game franchise, the anime, or the global phenomenon Pokemon Go.

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The game is a 5v5 battler with plenty of MOBA DNA.

Each Pokemon will also have an ultimate move called the Unite Move which are powerful abilities that can only be used sparingly and has a long cool down time before it can be used again. When it comes to game revenues, Tencent reportedly makes more money than Sony, Microsoft, Apple, or Nintendo. Each side of the map has five banks for depositing Pokemon, so you're basically farming mobs and then invading the enemy's side to score points. Pokemon Unite will be a 5-vs-5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the style of popular e-sports title League of Legends. It will support cross-platform play at launch.

Pokemon Unite is a forthcoming collaboration between Tencent and The Pokemon Company.