Mexico quake kills at least five and causes panic


At least seven people died and two dozen were injured in the magnitude-7.4 quake that shook Mexico on Tuesday, officials said.

"We learn to appreciate, to treasure every moment", she said. "Also as a result of this convergence, the westward-moving Mexico landmass is slowed and crumpled creating the mountain ranges of southern Mexico and earthquakes near Mexico's southern coast".

The earthquake's epicenter was near the coast of the state of Oaxaca, near Huatulco.

According to The Weather Channel, the Mexico-based quake hit Tuesday morning and clocked in at a magnitude of 7.4.

The area surrounding the Huatulco beach resort in the southern state of Oaxaca was hit by a 7.4 magnitude quake on Tuesday.

The USGS estimated that 2 million people felt strong or moderate shaking and another 49 million felt weak or light shaking.

Houses were scarred by wide cracks across walls and residents sought to clear debris from the streets.

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Neighbours screamed in terror and some shouted out warnings to run from the electricity poles that looked poised to fall, said Candelaria, who works in telecommunications marketing.

Mexico's oil refinery in Salina Cruz, some 143 km from La Crucecita, briefly suspended operations as a precaution, and restarted again. One worker was injured from the incident.

"There will be aftershocks", USGS seismologist Paul Earle told the Associated Press. "It is not unexpected to see a magnitude 6 at this point and a number of smaller ones". The quake set-off a tsunami alert along Central America's Pacific coast.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast a tsunami threat with waves three to 10 feet above tide levels along parts of the coasts of Mexico.

A 2017 quake near Mexico City killed more than 300 people, and fear of a similar disaster runs deep here. The first, which had a magnitude of 8.1, hit on September 7th and killed almost 100 people.

The 7.4 quake struck at a depth of 23 kilometers, the US Geological Survey reported.