Jump Force Deluxe Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch On August 28th


Nintendo Switch owners looking to break a sweat at home now have several fitness games at their disposal, including Fitness Boxing and the critically acclaimed Ring Fit Adventure. According to Nintendo, Jump Rope Challenge was created by a group of developers working from home as Japan enacted lockdown protocols to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal? To grab a pair of Joy-cons and use them to do 100 skips a day as if you are jumping with a jump rope. So if you, like me, are on the outside on the lookout in but you now have a Swap and a pair of Joy-Downsides (sorry Change Lite entrepreneurs), then at minimum you can consider the company's most recent game: Jump Rope Challenge.

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As we reported back in April, Bandai Namco is releasing Jump Force Deluxe Edition to Switch this year, and now we have a solid date, which is August 27. Hopefully Nintendo's Jump Rope Challenge will make it a little easier for some. Well, it's a free game after all and those interested can download the game now directly from the Nintendo eShop. Two people can play at once as well, with each person holding one Joy-Con, working together to set a high score. If you're desperate for something to get you moving, this should do the trick. He now resides in NY writing for BGR.

However, while it's free, know that the game won't be around forever as it'll be removed from the Nintendo eShop at the end of September 2020.