How to see tonight's pink supermoon, the largest full moon of 2020


2020 is a season of full moon!

The pink supermoon rises behind the Chariot of Glory sculptural group in central Saint Petersburg, Russia April 7, 2020.

A supermoon means it'll be at its closest to Earth in its orbit, making it appear a litter brighter and larger than usual - and last night, it was attractive.

If a Full Moon happens to coincide within 90 percent of the lunar perigee, we witness a lovely Supermoon.

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"It will be a spectacular sight to witness as it will be (one of) the brightest and the biggest full moons of 2020, and is being widely publicised as the 'Pink Supermoon, ' the renowned astrophysicist said in a statement". Of the moons of the solar system, the Galilean satellites of Jupiter come closest to being circles. April's supermoon is the second of three to take place in in a row, following March's super worm moon and preceding May's super flower moon, due to take place on May 7, Newsweek said.

The term "supermoon" was coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle.

"The only time that we get unusual colours for the moon is if say, we're looking at it through smoky or dusty skies like we had last summer ... or in a lunar eclipse".

Capetonians and people the world over were treated to a handsome sight last night as the Super Full Moon shone bright in the nightsky. Here's when you can see them. If you're unfamiliar with its scientific name, perhaps you'll recognize it by the common names of wild ground phlox, the creeping phlox, moss phlox and the herb moss pink. The Old Farmers' Almanac said that full moon names in our part of the world date back to the Native Americans who lived in the northern and eastern USA.