Halsey Says She was Hit by Rubber Bullets at George Floyd Protests


The mass deployment of police and National Guard troops and curfews in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and other major cities failed to halt lawlessness.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles county, the state National Guard was deployed Sunday to assist with the response to demonstrations, which have shifted to violent rioting in cities nationwide.

A City of Los Angeles curfew has been extended to Venice and the rest of the city as protests against the police killing of George Floyd continue.

In total, the L.A. police arrested 533 people on Saturday.

The curfew announcements come after an afternoon of growing protests. One of them was singer Ariana Grande who took part in a peaceful protest in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

On her Instagram Story, the Closer hitmaker opened up in more detail of the scary encounter, saying 'They opened fire multiple times.

New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, said 300 arrests had been made in his city overnight Saturday, as he continued to defend a police vehicle that rammed demonstrators that surrounded it.

Actor John Cusack, who was filming the protests in Chicago last week, also claimed that police officers charged at him with batons as he was recording a video of a burning auto amid the protests and riots in the city.

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In the past few days, more and more celebrities are finding their political voice on social media, after the death of George Floyd.

Generations of police brutality towards black people appear to have combined with pent-up frustrations over the coronavirus pandemic and a string of viral videos showing mistreatment of African-Americans.

The incident has drawn parallels to the Los Angeles riots of 1992 which broke out after police were acquitted in their trial over the beating of Rodney King, which was caught on video camera.

Los Angeles saw trendy stores looted while a courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee, was set on fire.

Breed expressed sadness about the destruction and said she was not going to tolerate the violence.

"This hit me through layers of fabric and for that, I am extremely privileged", she wrote (via Stereogum).

"I think people are hurting and they're angry and they're trying to be heard because there's no other way to get anyone's attention", Ally Kaiahua said of the property damage in La Mesa.