EU Prepares To Block Americans From Visiting Due To Trump's COVID Bungling


"European nations are now haggling over two potential lists of acceptable visitors based on how countries are faring with the coronavirus pandemic".

Today, Europe has mostly curbed the spread of the virus and emerged from lockdown, while new cases in the USA are continuing to grow.

Another EU official told Fox News that epidemiology - the incidence, distribution and the control of a disease in a given country - of COVID-19 will be "crucial" in any decision.

European Union is looking to make official its already widely-known unofficial stance: that it is only opening to itself and rest of Europe for this summer and potentially all of the rest of this year, and other countries that have done a bad job with pandemic response will likely not be allowed in as worldwide travelers anytime soon.

The US has more than 2.4 million confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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In March, when cases were rising in Europe, Trump banned most European Union citizens from entering the United States in a bid to curb the outbreak, angering European Union officials. Officials have warned that the failure of member nations to abide by the list can result in the reintroduction of borders. Europe has since made progress combating the virus and countries are eager to reopen their economies.

If the European Union went ahead with the plan it would mean American visitors would be put in the same category as Russians and Brazilians, namely the unwelcome travellers.

Obtaining accurate data on the number of infections could pose a problem, as the numbers are dependent on the honesty and testing efforts in each country. Meanwhile Europe has largely calmed the outbreak, even as the United States see infections continue to spike in new hotspots around the country and Trump continues to refuse to wear a mask or send states the resources needed to further expand testing.

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