Dabo Swinney wears 'Football Matters' shirt, and Trevor Lawrence defends it


Pearman had apologized almost a week ago, calling it "a grave mistake" for using a racial slur during an incident involving former player D.J. Greenlee.

Swinney stated the Greenlee privately approached him to discuss what had happened, and said that Pearman was "profusely apologetic". He said Pearman was telling him not to use the term regarding one of his teammates when he uttered the pejorative word.

Swinney said the matter was handled privately, and believes that it was handled the right way. I would say any insinuation that I was trying to mock the Black Lives Matter movement is an attack on my character and really sad. We were in the locker room touring and music was blaring and every other word was the n-word.

We've got a team meeting coming up and many other things, so I'm proud of the action guys have already taken. Sometimes it's in private, sometimes it's in public. Although I have not instructed this word to any player, I know I have no excuse for using language in any situation. We have always had great leadership within our program and, man, this team is no different.

The two-time national champion coach then offered more details about the incident. He said, 'I blocked the wrong f-ing N-word, ' and Coach Pearman thought he was saying it to him, and he's mad, and he reacted, and in correcting him, he repeated the phrase. He shouldn't have done that. But there is a big difference. I'm trying to walk a coach around and I'm hearing the n-word over and over again.

"Best coach I've ever been around from a football perspective and personal perspective". "I stood in front of the team, and the only thing I said was if you're going to participate, make sure you know what you're signing up for".

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Their first match will be at Everton on 21 June, when they could clinch a first title in 30 years. The matter will be discussed at Liverpool City Council's Safety Advisory Group meeting on Monday.

Pearman has since apologized for using the slur. He knew he was in the wrong, ' Greenlee said, adding that he accepted the apology.

"Three years ago on the practice field, I made a grave mistake involving D.J. Greenlee".

The exchange was brought to light earlier on June 2 when former Clemson receiver Kanyon Tuttle tweeted a criticism of Swinney's reply to the incident. Not even a team apology, ' Tuttle tweeted, in part, without naming Pearman.

Swinney was also recently criticized for being photographed in a T-shirt that read "Football Matters".

In no way was it the intention of the National Football Foundation to imply that football is more important than a black life or any life. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence came to his coach's defense Saturday, saying Swinney had the shirt for some time and that it is not meant to belittle the Black Lives Matter movement. "It's a shirt I've had for a couple of years", Swinney said. "In fact, I don't quite think that's adequate enough".

"I wholeheartedly support Black Lives Matter", Swinney said. They don't get it in a lot of other areas, but in the game of football, it's still hard work."As the tweets began to come in, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawerence made a decision to defend his coach by saying the shirt had nothing to with the Black Lives Matter movement".