Biden blasts Trump's 'narcissism' in new phase of campaign


"The country is crying out for leadership, leadership that can unite us", Biden said in his first major address in weeks.

On Monday, Biden said he would appoint a police oversight board in his first 100 days in office.

"He's not in office, and he certainly does not have the megaphone like the person now occupying the White House does, but I do think our people are looking for someone who can make them feel better during these extremely tough times", said Rep. Val Demings of Florida, whom Biden is considering as a running mate.

The former vice president called on Congress to act now on legislation that would place a federal ban on police using chokeholds.

"We stand in steadfast solidarity with George Floyd's family, the many victims of racist brutality, and those who are using their voices and platforms to challenge it", BET president Scott Mills said in a statement.

Biden's remarks, which also touched on police behavior and historical inequities against minority communities, came after days of peaceful protests, marked with violence, which have scarred Philadelphia, where he delivered the speech, as well as cities across the nation.

On Monday, Trump staged a photo op at a church near the White House that had been vandalized by rioters - a photo op that required the national guard to fire tear gas on hundreds of peaceful protesters. "I'll do my job and I'll take responsibility - I won't blame others", Biden said.

In the 22-minute speech in Philadelphia, Biden compared Trump's Twitter attacks on protesters, including one threatening the use of "vicious dogs", to language used by segregationists to oppose the civil rights revolution a half century ago. "His narcissism has become more important than the nation's well-being that he leads. And I won't either", Biden said.

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The speech, given before cameras in Philadelphia's City Hall, marks the first time in nearly three months Biden has delivered an address outside his home in Wilmington, Del., where he has been sequestered because of the COVID-19 pandemic and speaking mostly via livestream from his basement rec room. Justice Now: A BET News Special will feature host Marc Lamont Hill in discussion with guests that include: George Floyd's family, former National Basketball Association player Stephen Jackson, New Jersey Sen.

And from Washington DC, the lawyer Roy Austin, who was Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the US Department of Justice under President Obama. He has called the White House contest a battle for the soul of the nation and has been particularly forceful in condemning Trump's handling of moments of racial tension. "Nobody will get it right every time, and I won't either".

"I don't know how you soothe people, how you meet people where they are, how you tell people: 'I feel your pain, ' without saying where their pain comes from", she said.

"I promise you this".

Biden, conversely, pledged he would "not traffic in fear or division" or "fan the flames of hate".

"I will seek to heal the racial wounds that have plagued this country for a long time, not use them for political gain", Biden plans to say, according to excerpts from the campaign speech.

The former vice-president offered emotional support and promised bold action during an in-person meeting with black leaders in DE and a subsequent virtual meeting with big-city mayors who are grappling with racial tensions and frustrated by a lack of federal support.