White woman called police on black man in dog row


Footage of a confrontation between a black birdwatcher and a white dog walker in Central Park in NY has gone viral, reigniting national debate over everyday racism and a social media storm.

As the encounter went viral, a number of concerned commenters also anxious about Ms. Cooper's dog, who she is seen jerking around by the collar as she grows more upset with Mr. Cooper. "I did not mean to harm that man in any way", Amy told CNN.

Following accusations of animal cruelty, she voluntarily returned the dog to the rescue centre that she adopted it from.

The incident made her realise that not everyone has the "luxury" of thinking of the police as a "protection agency", she added.

In Marc Lamont Hill's IG post you might have noticed that Amy was an employee of Franklin Templeton investment firm. "We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton". According to the woman who shared the video, the man filming is her brother Christian Cooper, who is not related to Amy Cooper.

Ms. Cooper asks that Mr. Cooper stop recording her and gets closer to him, a clear violation of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When Christian refused to stop recording her, Amy grabs her dog's collar and moves away from him to call the police. Just ask Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and-...oh, yeah, you can't ask them because cops killed them.

"Then I'm taking a picture and calling the cops", she says.

Sen. Kamala Harris said on Twitter that the incident was a "sad reality" that has "gone on for generations to Black Americans".

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"I sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone, especially to that man, his family", she said in a phone call.

"There's an African-American man, I'm in Central Park, he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog". "Please send the police immediately!"

Christian, a self-described avid bird-watcher, told CNN that keeping dogs on leashes is important to birders because they know they can go to the Ramble to see ground-dwelling birds. "This woman thought she could exploit that to her advantage, and I wasn't having it", he said. As Cooper strolled through the park with her new dog off-leash, she encountered 57-year-old science editor Christian Cooper (no relation) and the two argued about the park's rule that dogs be leashed at all times.

Christian Cooper - who is not related to Amy - had gotten up early on Memorial Day to head to the Ramble, a heavily wooded section of Central Park created to resemble a wild garden. "It feels to me like open season ... and that sometimes it's not a safe place to be in this country for black men".

A spokesman for the New York Police Department told The Post that officers responded to a report of an assault in the Ramble at 8:10 a.m. Monday. Not to mention the fact that she is choking the absolute HELL out of that poor dog who we now know is named Henry.

"I am not going to participate in my own dehumanization", he said.

What happened in the moments before the video was taken is unclear, though the man said in the description of the video that he told the woman dogs must be leashed in that area of the park. He says that she replied, "The dog runs are closed".

According to Christian Cooper, he pointed out a sign to her that says all dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Christian Cooper spoke with NBC New York about the incident in Central Park. Christian Cooper said dog owners, in his experience, hate it when a stranger feeds their dog treats and immediately restrain their dogs afterwards. Our mission remains the health and safety of our rescued dogs.