USA and China Negotiators Pledge to Implement Phase One Trade Deal


"But regrettably, we see some in the USA officials shifting the blame which we believe is wrong", she said. But China's internet censors had deleted these archives which also included the profile of the popular Wuhan doctor Ai Fen who shared the reports of a patient with pneumonia-like symptoms at the early stage of the outbreak via WeChat.

President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday that he'd be able to report in the next week or two if he's happy with how the trade deal is progressing. It could have been stopped in China.

Trump brushed off his advisers when they urged greater transparency because he thought it might imperil future U.S. "It should have been stopped right at the source, and it wasn't". US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has gone so far as to claim that he has "enormous evidence" to back up this allegation.

The US Trade Representative's office also said both sides "also agreed that in spite of the current global health emergency, both countries fully expect to meet their obligations under the agreement in a timely manner".

However, no concrete evidence has been made public that would link the outbreak to the lab in Wuhan.

"It's now a war of words that's really escalating and things are really heating up".

British leading epidemiologist resigns for breaking lockdown rules
Prof Ferguson's modelling of the virus's transmission suggested 250,000 people could die without drastic action. A statement from Imperial College London said Prof Ferguson "continues to focus on his important research".

Chinese officials tried to hide the emergence of COVID-19 late past year, including by arresting doctors who alerted the public to the epidemic. "It is too bad", the president said in response to a question. Meanwhile, US states like Missouri and MS sued China over the damage caused by the pandemic, while many Americans who filed several lawsuits alleging that China hid the scale of the outbreak in Wuhan.

"He's undermining the potential for an effort with like-minded countries to work together on critical areas, denying China access to advanced military technology", said Bonnie Glaser, an expert on China at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think-tank in Washington.

China's handling of the outbreak, including repeated statements in early January downplaying the virus's threat, has been bitterly criticized by hawkish members of the USA administration who have floated the possibility of seeking financial compensation or imposing a fresh round of steep tariffs that would extract hundreds of billions of dollars from China.

In the first four months, China's imports from the USA fell 5.9% from the same period a year ago, according to the official data released Thursday. He said twice that he did not want to talk about any new tariffs. In the United States alone, more than 76,000 Americans have died and 12 lakh people tested positive for coronavirus.

A resumption of the trade war would be bitterly opposed by many US businesses.

He, the former Commerce Ministry official, said that a nose-dive in world oil prices, together with falling Chinese energy usage as the country's economy slows, would make it hard for China to meet the targets in the Phase 1 accord for energy imports from the United States.