Trump's risky new re-election strategy: Waging war with Obama


Last week Trump urged Senator Lindsey Graham, who chairs the powerful Senate judiciary committee, to call Obama to testify.

While Democrats have repeatedly criticized Trump's response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, Obama has rarely come out to speak in public.

Barr said there have been "increasing attempts to use the criminal justice system as a political weapon", and that what happened to President Trump was "abhorrent" and "grave injustice" as law enforcement was used to advance what he called a "false and utterly baseless" Russian Federation collusion narrative.

Without presenting any evidence, Trump claimed in a Fox Business News interview, "this was all Obama, this was all Biden".

But he nevertheless rejected going after Obama and Biden.

And so, in this case, President Obama can be that person, can play that bad cop.

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The narrative pertains to routine intelligence procedures that led to the exposure of Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for communications with the Russian government that he later pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about. "The legal tactic has been to gin up allegations of criminality by one's political opponents based on the flimsiest of legal theories", Barr said.

While noting he was not taking aim at Trump's comments specifically, Barr lambasted what he called the "increasing attempts to use the criminal justice system as a political weapon".

"Donald Trump's mismanagement has cost nearly 90,000 American lives and put the booming economy he inherited from us on the road to a depression", he said in a text message. We're going to be pretty soon at only five people. "More than ever, this is your moment - your generation's world to shape". "Unfortunately a lot of so-called grownups, including some with fancy titles, important jobs, still think that way, which is why things are so screwed up".

Former President Barack Obama pulled a "political drive-by shooting" this past weekend with his criticism of the federal government's response to the coronavirus pandemic during his virtual commencement speech, former White House adviser Karl Rove said Monday.

"As to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don't expect Mr".

"We can not allow his process to be hijacked by efforts to drum up criminal investigations of either candidate".