Trump claims USA will have coronavirus vaccine by end of 2020


United States President Donald Trump says a report into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak will reveal what happened in China to cause the pandemic.

"We are putting the full power and might behind this drug", he said. While noting that states would go at their own pace in returning to normal, with ones harder hit by the coronavirus going slower, he said that "some states frankly I think aren't going fast enough" and singled out Virginia, which has a Democratic governor and legislature. "You get a job where you make more money", he said. "How will I feel safe going back to school if a second wave hits?"

Vaccines typically take multiple years to develop.

The businessman Republican is doing poorly in most polls ahead of the November presidential contest with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, who remains shuttered in his DE home. "Our professionals have risen to a variety of challenges, including our groundbreaking work fighting the opioid epidemic and health care fraud, as well as oversight of the planning, response, and funding for COVID-19".

Worse, the formerly booming United States market, which was viewed as a gold ticket for his next term, is now in dire straits as a result of national lockdown.

"What's his name?" Trump responded on April 6, when asked about the report, which he said was politically biased.

Having repeatedly minimized the death toll, claiming it will end at around 60,000, Trump conceded that now "I'm saying 80 or 90 and it goes up".

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That audacious shift begins on Sunday at possibly the most hallowed monument in the country - the statue of Abraham Lincoln, who led the country through civil war, urged reconciliation, and was assassinated in his moment of triumph. "I think we'll have a vaccine sooner than later".

The president's advisers have nervously watched Trump's support slip in a number of battleground states and he was told last month that if the election were held that day, he would lose to Democrat Joe Biden.

Newsweek reached out to White House and FDA for additional information. He won, becoming a national hero. Trump spoke from the memorial's steps last July Fourth. The timeline given by President Trump has grabbed everyone's attention because several public health officials have said a vaccine for coronavirus could take atleast an year to 18 months.

Mr Trump said he believed the country could be self-sufficient in antibiotics within two years, before accusing MacCallum of putting him in a tough negotiating position.

The virus - which has killed more than 66,000 Americans - continues to inflict havoc against a background of mass unemployment, trillions of dollars in emergency government aid, and worries about a second viral wave after the summer.

FiveThirtyEight's latest tracking poll showing only 43.4 percent approving Trump's performance and 50.7 percent disapproving.

Trump responded Sunday on Twitter by complaining that Bush was "nowhere to be found" when he was going through impeachment in Congress past year.