Russian Federation reports record toll of new virus deaths


The previous high of 174 was reported on May 26 and 28, TASS reports.

As many as 50 deaths were recorded in Dagestan, 20 in the Moscow region and 11 in St. Petersburg.

Some regions have been reporting "double statistics", releasing numbers of deaths in coronavirus-positive patients that have been officially ascribed to other causes in national figures.

In addition, 756 people who died of other causes in April had tested positive for coronavirus.

They had confirmed coronavirus as the cause of death in 169 cases where tests had initially been negative. But on Thursday, the department announced that 1,561 deaths in April could be linked to COVID-19.

A demonstrator protesting lockdown restrictions is detained by police in Moscow on Friday.

United Kingdom death rate up nearly 60,000
On 9 May there were 214 deaths in care homes: 51% of the total, while 191 (46%) happened in hospitals. There were 42,173 fatalities in England and Wales up to 15 May (and registered up to 23 May).

The government says the country's mass testing programme is responsible for that low mortality rate - but many believe the numbers are in fact far higher. Experts point to a combination of reasons, including the nation's vast, sparsely populated territory, less frequent travel and lower social mobility.

M - Russian Federation confirmed 8,572 new coronavirus infections Friday, bringing the country's official number of cases to 387,623.

The new counting method has not yet been used to revise the official death toll for Moscow or Russian Federation.

That would still make the Russian capital's coronavirus death rate much lower than death rates reported in cities such as NY and London, it said.

For all time, according to official figures, died 4.374 person. In cases when COVID-19 isn't considered the main cause, it's always mentioned as the underlying illness.

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the lifting of the nationwide economic shutdown that was put in place in late March and encouraged regional governors to gradually lift restrictions.