President Trump Suspends Travel from Brazil Amid Coronavirus Surge


- A volunteer group of physicians and nurses are seeing residents of Vila Vintem favela, every Sunday, inside the headquarters of the samba school.

The country also recorded 807 new deaths, raising the death toll to 23,473.

The White House announced a ban on travel to the us from the coronavirus hotspot of Brazil.

Today, the President has taken decisive action to protect our country by suspending the entry of aliens who have been in Brazil during the 14-day period before seeking admittance to the United States.

An advisor to Brazil's president played down Trump's move, highlighting shared views on fighting the virus with unproven anti-malarial drugs such as hydroxychloroquine.

Brazilians are scrambling to make last minute arrangements to get to the United States ahead of new travel restrictions the Trump Administration is set to enforce.

While speaking with reporters Tuesday, McEnany echoed President Trump who said he wasn't the first person to comment on allegations that Scarborough may have had a hand in the death of a former staffer.

South Africa to ease lockdown despite surge in Covid-19 cases
Domestic air travel for business reasons will be allowed too, and more air travel will be phased in on dates to be announced. Alcohol may be sold for home consumption only, under strict conditions, on specified days and for limited hours.

Brazil's Health Ministry raised its tally of confirmed cases by 15,813 on Sunday to 363,211 cases, second in the world behind the United States, with more than 1.6 million cases. Its death toll of 22,666 is behind the US and some of the most infected European countries, including the United Kingdom and Spain. Third on the list is Russian Federation, with more than 344,000 reported infections and at least 3,500 deaths.

"The White House Press Secretary Kylie Macaroni was asked why her boss would criticize Biden for doing what the CDC tells us to do, wear a face mask in public, and she had a very good answer for that", Kimmel mentioned throughout his nightly monologue final night time.

The spokeswoman said the restriction would not affect trade between the two countries.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the move is meant to keep Brazil's bout with the bug from spilling over into the United States, but stressed that the trade between the two nations won't be impacted.

The WHO warned that South America has become "a new epicentre" for the pandemic, with the organisation's emergencies director Mike Ryan saying that the "most affected" country is Brazil.

"Brazil is having some trouble, no question about it".

Bolsonaro's own press secretary tested positive for the virus in March after attending a gathering with the Brazilian president and Trump at Mar-a-Lago. "Ignore the hysteria from the press".