Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine to Begin Next Phases of Human Trial


The researchers, who use cellphone data to predict the epidemic's course and monitor social mobility, said most American communities should not experience a second wave of rising Covid-19 cases if they continue to maintain social distancing as nonessential businesses reopen and other restrictions meant to curb the new coronavirus' spread are lifted.

The creation of a COVID-19 vaccine is seen as a crucial step to controlling the pandemic and allowing for the safe resumption of businesses, classes, organized sport, performing arts and social activity.

The Oxford Vaccine Group is one of a few elite laboratories and facilities leading the race to find a vaccine.

"This result shows a promising vision for the development of COVID-19 vaccines, but we are still a long way from this vaccine being available to all", Chen said.

Meanwhile, scientists working at King's College, London, as well as the city's Francis Crick Institute and Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital, have started clinical trials of a drug called interleukin 7 to test its effects on combating COVID-19.

This experience is important for institutions, industry and regulators to work together, and prepare for the future, said Jameel, a Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize victor for Science and Technology and the current Chief Executive Officer of Wellcome Trust/Department of Biotechnology's India Alliance.

"Unfortunately, we really do not know which vaccine will work and whether there will be one at all". Hence, companies like AstraZeneca still have high hopes for the cure to come soon thanks to the most brilliant minds in the world pooling their resources together.

"The first trial is going fine. There is no company testing vaccine in India yet and they are in the pre-clinical stage of preparation", he said.

United Kingdom to mass produce COVID-19 vaccine at its new £38Mn center
If the trials are successful, they will make 30 million vaccine doses for Britain by September, and 100 million doses in total. A doctor working on the coronavirus vaccine has told LBC the jab is unlikely to be ready by September .

"If a comparison has to be made we are well behind global efforts", he said.

Asked if people in Britain will be among the first to get the vaccine, Mr Soriot said: "Yes, we have actually received an order from the British Government to supply 100 million doses of vaccine, and those will go to the British people".

The Oxford team has said it expects to have around a million units of the vaccine ready for use by September should that prove to be the case.

The polio drops which are given to children have live attenuated virus, while the polio injection contains killed virus, the official said explaining the different approaches used in developing a vaccine.

"'The clinical studies are progressing very well".

Given the urgency of finding a vaccine against covid-19, Oxford chose to accelerate a process that normally takes at least a year and a half, starting each phase of trials without waiting for the end of the previous one.

Healthy volunteers will be randomly assigned to either receive the ChAdOx1 vaccine, also known as AZD1222, or an established meningitis vaccine.

Every new technology is being applied for making COVID-19 vacines, he said.