Michael Flynn Walks Free: Justice Department Drops Case Against Trump's Former Adviser


"The idea that the Justice Department would invent an argument - an argument that the judge in this case has already rejected - and say that's a basis for dropping a case where a defendant admitted his guilt shows that this is a case where the fix was in".

"I did nothing wrong and there are no tapes", Trump said.

"He would have stopped it immediately", Trump said.

In interviews, Barr has been quick to point out that Wray has cooperated with multiple examinations ordered by Barr into the FBI's handling of sensitive matters, including the probes being run by Durham and Jensen that are often wielded for political points by Trump.

"Barr is already being accused of creating a special justice system just for President Trump's friends", and this will only feed that perception, CNN's Jake Tapper suggested.

United States media reported that shortly before the department's action, a veteran prosecutor on the case withdrew from the prosecution in a sign of disagreement with the decision.

After the Flynn announcement, Trump declared that his former aide had been "an innocent man" all along.

"I hope that a big price is going to be paid". Judges generally grant such motions, but Sullivan could demand answers from the department about its reversal or even deny the motion and sentence Flynn, a less likely scenario.

In December 2017, Flynn had struck a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, agreeing to plead guilty to lying to the FBI and cooperate with Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

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Interestingly, the decision by the Justice Department was led by Trump's close ally Attorney General Bill Barr.

"Attorney General Barr's politicization of justice knows no bounds", said Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives.

The Justice Department then named Mr Mueller as a special prosecutor to pursue the investigation into numerous contacts between Mr Trump's campaign and the Russians, which fuelled suspicions of collusion.

Jurecic and Wittes go into detail about things going on with Flynn and Federal Bureau of Investigation documents and whatnot that I'm still digesting myself.

In recent months, Flynn's attorneys have leveled allegations about the FBI's actions and asked to withdraw his guilty plea. "Lock Comey, McCabe, Strozk, and so many others up!" In the notes, officials wondered what the goal of their interview with Flynn was.

"The Department's position that the FBI had no reason to interview Mr Flynn pursuant to its counterintelligence investigation is patently false, and ignores the considerable national security risk his contacts raised". Later that month, though, as the White House insisted that Flynn had never discussed sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, FBI officials grew more concerned by Flynn's conversations with the diplomat and what he had communicated to the White House. Two agents visited him at the White House on January 24, 2017. "They did not have the basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage", Barr said in a CBS interview.

In March Mr Trump said he was strongly considering a full pardon for Mr Flynn.

The press secretary said keeping the case open was "a good thing for Peter Strzok, but it was a bad thing for justice".

Later that year, in Mueller's indictment, prosecutors said that Flynn lied when he denied that, in a December 29, 2016, conversation, he asked Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to "refrain from escalating the situation" in Russia's response to the imposition of sanctions by the Obama administration.