Leaked coronavirus model reveals U.S. deaths could almost DOUBLE next month


ABC News' David Muir sat down with Trump on Tuesday - at a distance - and asked him about Dr. Anthony Fauci's concerns that "death" and "suffering" will coincide with any attempts to reopen businesses. Muir asked Trump during an interview in Phoenix, Arizona, on the president's first major trip in months since the virus outbreak worsened.

He urged USA states to ease restrictions as he attempts to fire up the world's biggest economy before the November presidential election, when the high death toll and millions of lost jobs could cost him dearly.

While the president said "it's possible there will be some" lives lost in reopening the economy, people are dying in other ways during the lockdown, citing suicides and drug overdoses. "We have to bring it back, and that's what we're doing".

The White House did not contest the authenticity of what it called an "internal CDC document", referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but said it had not been presented to the president's coronavirus task force, or gone through an interagency vetting process.

This would be more than double what it forecast on April 17, when it estimated 60,308 deaths by August 4.

A coronavirus drive-through testing site at Perdue Stadium in Salisbury Maryland
A coronavirus drive-through testing site at Perdue Stadium in Salisbury Maryland

'And I think we're doing very well on the vaccines but, with or without a vaccine, it's going to pass and we're going to be back to normal.

Even as the president sought to prepare Americans that "more death" is ahead, he expressed optimism that the virus will go away, regardless of whether a vaccine is achieved. When statistics like these are part of our reality, it becomes hard to argue with claims that President Donald Trump failed in being the type of leader America needed during these scary times. Trump wore safety glasses but did not wear a face mask; a White House official told NBC that Honeywell said that Trump and other visitors did not need to wear masks.

Trump promised everyone returning to work will have access to diagnostic and antibody testing, and downplayed models from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Washington warning the USA death toll could almost double by August.

One model often relied on by the White House is showing this number may almost double by August. They've been so out of whack. We worked on it.

But the University of Washington model did account for continued mitigation, and Johns Hopkins said the information in its analysis model included "some scenarios" like premature relaxation of social distancing.

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