Kim Jong-Un Seemingly Resurfaces After Weeks Of Health Rumors - See Pics


Kim Jong-un's health drew worldwide interest after he missed out on the 15 April anniversary of the birthday of his grandfather and state founder, Kim Il Sung, one of the biggest days on North Korea's calendar.

In late 2018, South and North Korea started dismantling the front-line guard posts amid warming ties between Seoul and Pyongyang.

His absence sparked rumors over his health, including speculation he had died or was brain-dead, raising concerns over what would happen in the nuclear-armed country in the event of the sudden demise of its third-generation hereditary leader. The leader's last public appearance was on April 11, the New York Times reports.

Last week, reports surfaced that Kim was in ill health after undergoing heart surgery, though details conflicted and the reports could not be independently confirmed. Talks broke down past year, however, after the two sides could not agree on what North Korea should offer in exchange for relaxed sanctions.

Fifield said that while some might accuse China of taking advantage of a vacuum in North Korea, it had many reasons to keep the region stable.

President Trump has formed a one-man welcoming committee for the re-appearance of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. And the information vacuum surrounding the doings of North Korean leaders leaves fertile ground for misinformation to spread.

But he added later: "We can't know, of course; it's North Korea".

Trump and Kim have met three times, although talks on the North's nuclear capabilities have always been stalled with no sign of them resuming.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un center visits a fertilizer factory in South Pyongan near Pyongyang North Korea
Image Kim Jong Un was surrounded by officials during his visit to a fertiliser plant

Trump declined to comment yesterday on Kim resurfacing, telling reporters on the White House lawn, "I'd rather not comment on it yet, Kim Jong-Un".

Kim was accompanied by other senior officials, including his influential younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, who was largely speculated to take the throne after Kim's rumoured death.

The day is a major holiday in North Korea and Kim as leader usually pays a visit to the mausoleum where his grandfather lies in state. The reason North Korea opened fire remains unknown.

© KCNA, via Associated Press Another image of Mr. Kim released by the state news agency, also said to have been taken Friday at the factory.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared to stoke the rumours on 29 April, by saying US officials "hadn't seen" Mr Kim recently.

Kim Jong-Un, 36, has resurfaced in newly published photos.

Caution is often tossed aside when reporting on North Korea.

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