Investigational COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results; mutation fears intact


And injecting the vaccine, which contains a weakened version of the virus, did not cause Covid-19 to form in the monkeys.

The open letter for people's vaccine sees the world to be safe only when every one can benefit from science and get access to the vaccine.

NIH researchers in Montana - who tested the vaccine using six rhesus macaque monkeys - say they those that received the vaccine developed protective antibodies against COVID-19 - but it's what happened next that's giving doctor's hope.

The French multinational company's chief executive Paul Hudson said the United States would get first dibs because its government was helping to fund the vaccine research.

Meanwhile, testing of the vaccine of the Oxford University, against the Covid-19 virus has commenced in Britain and it has been given to a sample of one thousand persons.

When the monkeys were exposed to the new coronavirus, the vaccine appeared to prevent damage to the lungs and kept the virus from making copies of itself there, although it was still actively replicating in the nose.

Stephen Evans, Professor of Pharm acoepidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, stated that this growth is "good news".

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Some medical experts believe that it could take up to two years to find a workable vaccine despite the billions being poured into research.

The pharmaceutical industry and health officials around the world are racing to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

The potential vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine vector (ChAdOx1), Oxford university had said in a statement earlier.

Researchers have reported that by May 13, almost a thousand people who volunteered for this research have been vaccinated as a trial.

At the moment, 100 experimental COVID-19 vaccines undergo various stages of development all over the world. But given the rapid pace of the epidemic and the number of deaths, significant researchers are trying to create the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

But the biggest challenge before those who have prepared the vaccine for this virus, which has infected more than 40 lakh people and killed more than three lakh people, is that if the vaccine is made, then how much quantity of its dose is prepared?