Hollywood rises up in revolt against George Floyd's killing


John Boyega blasted Twitter users who criticised him for his tweets about George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man who died Monday after a white police officer pinned him down by the neck.

Following the tweet: 'I really f**cking hate racists' some Twitter users have reminded the actor that hate is a strong word and should not be used anyhow, especially when targeted towards another human being.

He continued: "I say it again". On Twitter, British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega was one of the victims of this very common issue celebrities face following a tweet he dished out against racism.

He later doubled down against "racist white people" in an Instagram live. I said what I said and if you don't like it go suck a dick.

Star Wars actor John Boyega took to social media to call out racism and mourn for George Floyd, the man who died after a Minneapolis police officer was filmed weighing down on him with a knee on his neck as he gasped for air.

"Boyega shared the article on Twitter and wrote: "@SkyNews you lot lost your damn mind putting this on the internet. "The kind that has ruined the world not caused a lil break up with your girlfriend, he responded to the criticism", so he tweeted.

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One of the concerns that a number of persons have raised with his statement is the extremity that the statement reeks of. He added later, "I am talking about WHITE on BLACK racism". "We rather say we hate their attitude".

Fans praised Boyega for speaking out against racism and stood by his passionate response. Speak for yourself at all times. That's got nothing to do with how you treat people.

"You lot can't rattle me".

Following the public outcry in response to Floyd's death, Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey confirmed the officers involved in the incident have all been fired.

Boyega began the video by saying: "It's very, very important at this time that we ignore ignorance and we ignore people that come through and try to make these situations what they're not". Of course, there are other forms of racism", the Pacific Rim: "Uprising star said.

Boyega, who lives in London, expanded on his thoughts in an Instagram Live video, saying "a black man was just murdered in cold blood in the street Stateside again, while saying he can't breathe". All four officers in the footage have been sacked from the force and the FBI has opened an investigation into their conduct.