Hackers Just Dropped a New Jailbreak That Unlocks Every iPhone


iOS 13.5 was the first major public software release for the iPhone since March, but it wouldn't be a software launch without a hiccup or two.

The jailbreak was released by unc0ver, and it comes with support for all the iPhones out there that run iOS 11 and above, even for the iOS 13.5, which was released this week. The added security risks, coupled with Apple's steady hardware and software lockdown, have made it hard to jailbreak devices deliberately.

Unc0ver, a popular iPhone hacking team, has released a tool that jailbreaks all versions of iOS - including the current version.

The jailbroken OS also apparently preserves Apple's user data protection and does not cause any issues with Apple's security.

The fact is that Apple made it impossible for iPhone users to customize or personalize it the way Android users normally do, and activists think Apple has put its iPhone users in jail, and any tool created to unlock iPhone models is known as jailbreaking. It is being said that Apple is re-issuing updates to fix the bug that was affecting these apps ever since the iOS 13.5 rollout. But it is hard to say for sure if this would result in a very early release of an iOS 14 jailbreak.

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Those from Cupertino have had a leak iOS 14 preview It has come into the hands of developers but also cybercriminals, a fact that could overturn the company's plans not to risk having future devices with security holes.

The unc0ver version 5.0.0 jailbreak is said to work across all devices running iOS, including Apple TV, using a zero-day vulnerability in the Darwin XNU kernel that controls the hardware on iDevices. Apple has not yet released a security update for the vulnerability that it uses.

The group did not specify which vulnerability in iOS was exploited to develop the latest version.

What's even more mysterious is that in many cases these updates are days or weeks old, and are the exact same versions of the apps that users previously installed.

An iPhone 11 with iOS 14 was present in one of the Chinese production factories in late 2019.